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What is Granite?
A granular crystalline rock, consisting essentially of quartz, orthoclase feldspar and mica. It is the size, distribution and precise chemistry of these minerals which give the granite it's colour.

One of the most durable stones available, granite takes excellent polished and thermal textured finishes which are unaffected by exposure to the weather.

Granite can be worked to achieve every type of finish from traditional hand tooled, flame textured, shot blasted, acid washed, or honed to highly polished mirror finishes.

Granite is a much more dense and harder wearing material whilst having the same aesthetic qualities as marble. Its use is for the same range of applications as marble however, more suitable for certain uses.

It is always recommended for use in commercial situations such as public areas or high traffic floors, hotel and office reception desks, domestic kitchen tops and of course exterior cladding to protect and enhance the appearance of buildings.

The fact that granite will not burn when subjected to severe heat lends its use for restaurants and hotel hot food buffet tops and can also be made to contain heating elements. It is now widely used in domestic kitchens for the same reasons.

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