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Mastacraft - Marble & Granite stonemasonary and Handmade Wooden Furniture

At Unique Furniture Workshop we design and make unique pieces furniture and kitchens, in the timber and finish of your choice. Being bespoke and handmade each piece will fulfil just your requirements ~ size, design, function and style.

The furniture can be entirely free standing, fully fitted, or very popularly, free standing but with the appearance of being fitted. This means you can have a piece of unique furniture that fits a space exactly and if you move house the cabinet can move with you.

A recent commission is the fabulous Oak & Painted Gothic style kitchen shown opposite. This attractive design was introduced back in 1993 and although copied and altered many times the design principles of the original are very much in evidence. Dennis Lamb who came up with the original door design is still employed at the workshops and the model has become affectionately know as 'The Dennis Kitchen'. Click here for another recent commission piece.

Construction of our furniture is of the highest standard, as we embrace modern techniques with traditional craftsmanship and this degree of excellence takes place from the initial concept and design and is carried through to the finished piece, resulting in a unique and very personal creation, both to ourselves and to you the customer.

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