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What is Marble?
A hard limestone in a crystalline or granular state and capable of taking a polish, occurring in many varieties; much used in sculpture and architecture.

One of the most luxurious materials available for internal wall and floors, marble has the advantage over other stones of its wide colour range, from whites to blacks and including pinks, greens, reds and beige shades. When polished, its true beauty comes to light showing the veining and colouring.

Veining in most marbles adds visual interest and effect. All marbles take an excellent polish without the need for application of chemicals. They are normally available in slab and tile form. Honed and non-slip finishes can be produced.

Marble has been created by nature and is both resilient and beautiful, each type of marble is unique to its own locality. For hundreds of years these properties have cause marble to be used for a variety of both internal and external purposes.

It provides an excellent internal wall and floor finish, particularly in such applications as the entrance halls of public buildings, offices, banks, hotels, leisure complexes, shopping malls and individual shops.

Marble is also ideal for use in domestic housing for such purposes as hall floors, bathroom walls, kitchen worktops, hearths and fireplace surrounds.

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